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BasketandUmbrellaStudies FeatureImage 6Feb2019-01

Clinical Trial Design: Basket and Umbrella Studies

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
February 8th, 20194 minute read

Newer approaches to clinical trial design have emerged, thanks, in part, to the power of precision medicine.

World Cancer Day 2019 Feature Image

Pediatric Cancer Experiences: Then and Now

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
February 4th, 20194 minute read

Meet two people who tackled cancer head-on as children and now are dedicated to contributing to the development of new cancer medicines.

WhatisaCrossoverStudy FeatureImage 29Jan2019

Clinical Trial Design: Parallel and Crossover Studies

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
February 1st, 20194 minute read

Clinical trials employ various study designs to demonstrate whether the investigational treatment is effective. Learn more about two common types of design.

Informed Consent Feature Image

Informed Consent: A Process Designed For You

Ayana Rowley Henderson Headshot
Ayana Rowley Henderson
January 25th, 20193 minute read

Learn about informed consent—the process designed just for you to learn about a clinical trial and your role in a study before making a decision to participate.

2018 Clinical Research Reflections Featured Image

2018 Clinical Research Reflections

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
December 17th, 20183 minute read

Take a look back at just two of the clinical trial themes that weaved through many memorable 2018 moments—participatory research and digital health.

Move Over Participatory Research_featured

Move over Participatory Medicine, Here’s What Participatory Research Can Look Like

IMG 6281 Joe Kim headshot
Joe Kim
November 29th, 20188 minute read

Emily’s Entourage is a driving force in forming the participatory research model. Learn Emily's story and the impact of her organization.

CoDESIGNing the Clinical Trial Experience_feature

CoDESIGNing the Clinical Trial Experience Together

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
November 7th, 20185 minute read

Lilly's CoDESIGN simulations aim to bring perspectives from clinical research sites and patients into the clinical trial design process. Meet one of the people behind the program in this blog.


Experiences in Health Literacy

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
October 15th, 20183 minute read

There are many health literacy lessons to learn from the unique clinical trial experiences of others as you consider participation for yourself or a loved one. Learn more in this blog.

LTG Intro_Feature

Welcome to the Lilly TrialGuide Blog!

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
October 10th, 20181 minute read

On the Lilly TrialGuide blog we share experiences and knowledge about clinical trials from the perspectives of all involved—patients, caregivers, site staff and more. Learn what’s inside the blog.

Leigh Anne Intro_Feature

Blending the Personal and the Professional: A Community Manager’s Story

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
October 10th, 20186 minute read

As editor of the Lilly TrialGuide blog and the community manager for the associated @LillyTrials handle on Twitter, Leigh Anne Naas is the “person behind the curtain.” Learn more about her.

VirtualTrials FeatureImage1 26Nov2018-01

Virtual Trials: Making Clinical Research More Accessible

IMG 6281 Joe Kim headshot
Joe Kim
October 10th, 20184 minute read

Taking a look at clinical research through a Marketing 101 lens can help us better understand the problem of and solutions to enrollment. Take a deeper dive in our blog.

CISCRP 2017 Perceptions and Insights Study Part 2

Perceptions and Insights of Clinical Research: An Excerpt (Part 2)

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
August 22nd, 20183 minute read

Findings from CISCRP's 2017 Perceptions & Insights study show that most people who have participated in clinical research would do it again. Learn more here.

CISCRP Perceptions and Insights Featured Image

Perceptions and Insights of Clinical Research: An Excerpt (Part 1)

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
August 15th, 20182 minute read

Learn what the respondents of CISCRP's 2017 Perceptions & Insights Study said they need to know before deciding to participate in a clinical trial.

Patient Preferences in DigitalHealth Featured Image

Patient Preferences on Proposed Uses of Digital Health in Clinical Trials

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
March 24th, 20183 minute read

We asked patients to take a survey about their preferences on potential digital health solutions for clinical trials. Learn what they said in this infographic.

How Art Can Spark a Movement - Feature

How Art Can Spark a Movement in Clinical Research Awareness

LeighAnneNaas 2016
Leigh Anne Naas
January 10th, 20183 minute read

Lilly's Hero's Journey (TM) Art project demonstrates the power of art in truly sparking a movement. Explore survey results measuring the project's influence on people's views of clinical research.

Thankful for Caregivers-featured

Thankful for Caregivers

LTGBlogAuthors GuestAuthorIcon 20July2018
Guest Author
November 8th, 20174 minute read

The qualifications on being a caregiver are pretty basic, but the responsibilities can pile up quickly. In this guest blog, T.J. Sharpe reminds us of the importance of thanking our caregivers.