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How Art Can Spark a Movement in Clinical Research Awareness

Leigh Anne Naas Headshot
Leigh Anne Naas
January 10th, 20183 minute read
How Art Can Spark a Movement - Feature

Lilly's Hero's Journey (TM) Art project demonstrates the power of art in bringing people together and truly sparking a movement. In this instance, it is a movement towards celebrating clinical trial participants while raising awareness of clinical research. Through a survey conducted by Greater Gift—a non-profit organization and one of our partners in the project—we had the opportunity to measure the influence of Hero's Journey (TM) Art on people's views of clinical research. Check out the infographic below to see what we learned. (Spoiler Alert: Experiencing the storytelling exhibited by personalized artwork from the clinical trial community made an impact on people’s willingness to participate in research.)

GreaterGift SurveyInfographic 17Aug2018-01

Blog post originally appeared on LillyPad.

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