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The Challenges of Clinical Trial Enrollment

Leigh Anne Naas Headshot
Leigh Anne Naas
January 29th, 20162 minute read
The Challenges of Clinical Trial Enrollment Feature Image

People who have participated in clinical research find the experience to be a positive one. According to results of a 2012 survey of over 1,000 clinical trial participants, 91% of respondents rated their care during the study as “excellent” or “good.” Yet, despite that overwhelmingly positive response, there are still challenges in clinical trials that need improvement.

There are issues of awareness of clinical trials as a treatment option. Although people would prefer to learn about clinical trials from their trusted health care provider, most must seek them out on their own. A 2013 survey published by Research!America reported that only 22% of respondents said their provider talked to them about medical research.

There are operational issues. Nearly 50% of clinical trials don’t meet their enrollment goals, and the majority don’t finish on time—perhaps, in part, due to slow enrollment. These challenges translate to increased cost for drug development and even slower timelines for making new medicines available.

We know that finding the right clinical trial can be difficult and that the traditional models of going to a research center every week can make scheduling nearly impossible. We’re working to use new approaches and new technologies to make clinical trials a more accessible and even attractive option.


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Blog post originally appeared on LillyPad.

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