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Improving the Patient Experience: Alert Me on Lilly TrialGuide

Imagine you’re searching for a clinical trial on Lilly TrialGuide for either yourself or a loved one. You’ve found one that’s currently recruiting for the condition you’re seeking, but there’s no research center in a nearby location. Or maybe you don’t find any studies for your condition at all. What’s your next step?

Our Alert Me feature might help in your search. If you choose to sign up, Alert Me will send you an email when a new clinical trial or research center that meets your indicated preferences is added to Lilly TrialGuide.

Here’s how the Alert Me feature works:

1. Location of Alert Me Feature

You’ll notice the Alert Me feature displayed at the top and bottom of the search results list.


2. How to Use the Alert Me Feature
You have two options for the kinds of alerts you can sign up to receive. You can either be alerted when a new trial is added for a specific medical condition or you can be alerted when new locations are added to an in-progress trial.

From the “Find a Lilly Trial” view, here’s what the experience looks like when signing up for an alert for a medical condition (you can choose more than one):

Alert-Me Locations

From the view within a specific trial, here’s what the experience looks like when signing up for an alert on new locations:


Please note that providing your email to receive alerts is your choice and you may still search Lilly TrialGuide without using this feature. Once you confirm your agreement to receive Alert Me notifications, you’ll receive emails when content is published that matches the criteria you chose.

You have the option to manage your Alert Me subscription and preferences at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link within the email. From there, you can manage the criteria you selected for receiving alerts, or unsubscribe from Alert Me emails.

Our goal in offering the Alert Me feature is to provide you another option for deciding how you’d like to learn when clinical trials are posted to Lilly TrialGuide. By adding the ability to sign up to receive alerts, it’s our goal to make it easier for you to stay up to date on the clinical trials that matter most to you, without you having to spend additional time monitoring the site for updates.

Take a look at the feature and let us know what you think at @LillyTrials on Twitter.

Blog post originally appeared on LillyPad.

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