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Proud Partners in Breast Cancer Research

At Lilly, we believe that partnering with others brings endless possibilities. By collaborating with external stakeholders, we can combine our expertise and experience to create better health outcomes for patients. Learn more about some of the groups that Lilly is proud to partner with, to raise awareness of breast cancer research:

For the Breast of Us aims to empower women of color affected by Breast Cancer. This organization provides an outlet where these women can improve their lives by education, advocacy and community while also tackling health disparities. For the Breast Of Us helps to break barriers in the cancer community by sharing the voices of women from marginalized communities and provides an outlet for women to connect with each other. For the Breast Of Us provides a range of resources including information on patient rights, mental health resources, breast surgery, and clinical trials.

Tigerlily Foundation is a U.S. Breast Cancer foundation which aims to educate, empower, advocate for, and support young women – before, during and after breast cancer. Tigerlily’s vision is to work to end disparities of age, stage and color in our lifetime. Like Lilly, diversity is part of the DNA of Tigerlily. Through their programs, Tigerlily reaches women of all backgrounds including those who face health disparities and those with reduced access to care. Tigerlily is one of the only black, female, patient-created and patient-led breast cancer advocacy organizations.

Black Health Matters (BHM) is an award-winning, multi-channel health communications company dedicated to improving health outcomes for African Americans. Launched in 2012, BHM’s goal is to provide inclusive health and wellness information that is rooted in medical expertise. BHM do this by partnering and collaborating directly with top physicians, community advocates, and health companies to create initiatives that help raise awareness of risk factors and chronic diseases that disproportionately impact underserved communities of color.

The BHM team provides a high level of expertise in health care marketing, communications, and public relations solutions to African Americans. This includes newsletters, social media, educational programs, digital campaigns and nationally recognized virtual and in-person summits that attract over 6,000 registrants. BHM’s ultimate goal is to help raise awareness of risk factors and chronic diseases that disproportionately impact African Americans and help this community cut through the confusion so they can feel empowered on their health journey.

Learn more about what to expect in breast cancer research and browse the list of Lilly's breast cancer clinical trials by visiting our breast cancer research page.

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