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Tweetfest: Digital Health and Clinical Research

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Editor's Note: In mid-May, we co-hosted a Twitter chat with Unphased to explore the use of digital health in clinical trials. Read on for a summary of what we learned from the questions posed during the chat.

Thank you to all who joined our #WhyWeDoResearch Twitter chat about the role of digital health in clinical research! It was wonderful to see folks from across the clinical research community—from patients to researchers—come together for a lively discussion about the challenges and opportunities of digital health. Together, we posted over 200 tweets in just an hour!

Digital Health Twitter Chat Statistics

We broke down the questions and key takeaways from the conversation below. Feel free to drop us a line on Twitter if you have a perspective on digital health in research that you'd like to share—we'd love to hear from you.

  1. Digital health is a broad term. How do you define it? The term "digital health" encompasses a broad range of tools that span from products and processes that hold potential to improve the trial experience for both patients and researchers. Embedded content:
  2. Have you seen examples of digital health approaches being used in clinical research? Apps incorporated into clinical trial designs have emerged as one of the first digital health tools to move from a concept to a reality for participants. With patient input, these types of apps can become even more valuable. We love the idea of using apps to capture PROs. Embedded content:
  3. Do you think there are any barriers to implementing technology in clinical research? When it comes to barriers to digital health, we must consider the tech savviness of participants. This topic in the conversation begs the question: How can we push forward with digital health while ensuring that those patients who need more education around using technology or are without direct internet access don't miss out on trial opportunities? Embedded content:
  4. How does adding digital health to a clinical trial make it easier to participate? Easing the logistical burden of clinical trials was among the top responses to how digital health can make participation easier. Whether used via mobile nursing, in lieu of a diary or even virtual clinical trials, the possibilities of digital health in research seem vast and impactful. Embedded content:
  5. How does adding digital health to a clinical trial make it harder to participate? Incorporating digital health into clinical trials is not without challenges—and may not always be the right option for a particular study. Codesigning the study with patients and caregivers throughout the protocol development process can help inform the level and types of digital health used in a trial. As always, collaboration is key! Embedded content:
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