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Welcome to the Lilly TrialGuide Blog!

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Welcome to the new Lilly TrialGuide blog! Here, we will share ideas, experiences and knowledge about clinical trials from the perspectives of all involved in research--from patients and caregivers to research site staff, from health care innovators to Lilly employees.

Lilly TrialGuide is our new home for Lilly Trials blogs, and we will no longer post on LillyPad. For those of you who have read our blogs in the past, you can expect to see familiar authors (like me) and meet new folks from Lilly and the broader clinical research community. We will be publishing our favorite posts here from the archives, as we continue to share new articles exploring important topics and personal experiences related to research.

Be sure to connect with us on Twitter to share your thoughts and ask questions about our content. Also, follow our Twitter feed to learn when new blog posts and features are released. We love hearing from you!

We're excited to have you join us here on Lilly TrialGuide and hope you enjoy exploring our blog articles as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

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Recent Articles


A Hero’s Journey Through Clinical Trials

Leigh Anne Naas Headshot
Leigh Anne Naas
February 14th, 20203 minute read

In collaboration with artist John Magnan, we launched a crowd-sourced art project dedicated to clinical trial participants.

InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience FeatureImage 10Feb2020

A STEM Career in Clinical Research

Ayana Rowley Henderson Headshot
Ayana Rowley Henderson
February 11th, 20205 minute read

Read this spotlight on MaryAnn Morgan Cox to learn more about how women in STEM are making a difference. FeatureImage 9Jan2020-01

Infographic: What is

Ayana Rowley Henderson Headshot
Ayana Rowley Henderson
February 4th, 20204 minute read

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the site, but what were the site's origins and intentions?

BackToSchool Protocol FeatureImage 27Aug2019-01

What is a Protocol in Clinical Trials?

Susan Gilchrist headshot square
Susan Gilchrist
December 10th, 20195 minute read

Have you ever wondered how schedules, tests, and the information ever comes together in clinical trial? It all starts with a clinical trial protocol.

SCRSInterviewBlog FeatureImage 27Nov2019

Clinical Trials 2020 trends, as told by #SCRS19

BlogAuthor Don2 3Dec2019
Don Harder
December 5th, 20197 minute read

After attending SCRS19, four key insights emerged for clinical trials in 2020 and beyond.